îs the tool to transport information in trees according to set rules,  and perform actions. A powerful engine rates input information, aggregates the ratings, propagates the results, and triggers activity in peripheral systems.

what sets xPactor® apart?


Focus on the essentials

“reduce to the max” – knowledge of what the busines really needs

Flexible and scalable architecture

Allows input optimisation. Invest just the right time, money and work.

competent partner

“Everyone can provide technology” – The value to the business of any tool is determined by the people who work with it, interacting with the people who developed the tool with their know-how, experience and vision.

easy integration

To provide value to business, a tool must be easily integrated into a company, with little risk, and be reliable. Integration is not just a technicality, but includes social, linguistic and organizational aspects.


The lean architecture resulting from agile development in combination with the technologies used result in a very good cost-benefit ratio.

What are our goals?

We know our strengths and our potential – but do you? One of our main objectives is to gain visibility.

We welcome any inquiry, any feedback or any lead you may be able to provide.

We know what xPactor can do for you. We want you to see. Let us do a PoC together.

The modular architecture:

  • allows solutions to be be integrated quickly
  • allows us to quickly achieve success
  • allows quick response to custom requirements
We know what xPactor can do for you. We are interested in projects that use xPactor itself, or solutions based on xPactor.

We see the following project types:

  • integration of a solution in a company without adapting the xPactor features
  • a new solution based on the xPactor-Framework
  • additional functionaties for existing solutions
We are convinced that xPactor offers great functionality and performance. To integrate xPactor with the greatest business benefit, we need partners:

  • integration partners
  • general contractor
  • partners with specific market access
  • partners who develop additional functionalities based on the xPactor framework (such as industry-specific control packets)
  • Sales channel partners
  • partners integrating xPactor to enhance their own solutions
  • partners willing to support us financially in the development
The modularity and scalability of its architecture, the xPactor framework allows its use to address a wide variety of topics.

We would be happy to hear:

  • from parties wishing to integrate the xPactor in their own solutions
  • ideas for solutions
  • channels interested in selling tailored solutions

Who should be interested in xPactor®?

The xPactor® can be used universally and for many different applications, due to its innovative approach and its modular and scalable architecture. We too use the xPactor® for developing specific solutions in service and project management.

Solution developers
Do you have a challenge wehre xPactor® could be part of your solution? We offer the xPactor® as a fully integrable product including development platform and documentation for solution developers.
Are you looking for an innovative business idea or an investment opportunities? Please contact us.
Solution channel
Do you have customers with issues that can be solved by our solutions, or looking for innovative products for your portfolio? If yes, please contact us!
Integration partner
Do you have customers that are interested in one or more of our solutions such as the Service Monitor? Do you have ideas or need to have specific customer requirements adressed? Do not hesitate to contact us!
In search of a solution?
Due to its modular architecture, xPactor® can be used to adress a plethora of challenges. Please contact us to discuss possibilities for joint projects.
Powerful, slim and versatile as a service monitor. The effect of disturbances on the services and service commitments are quickly understood, allowing for faster and more targeted remedial action. That saves time, energy, and ultimately money.
Service Manager

xPactor? Fast and flexible platform for developing customized solutions to complex challenges.
Solution developer

Great potential for return on investment! xPactor® has a huge scope in terms of possible applications.


Leave us a message or give us feedback!