Using the xPactor Frameworks functions

Flexible deployment

The xPactor®Framework provides the ability to assess impacts within a complex effect chains. Such chains exist in almost all industrial sectors. Services management, project management, logistics and resource planning are examples of such effect chains, which can be visualized efficiently using the xPactor®Framework.

Here we show such deployments.

Service monitor shows the impact a given event has on the customer service. Hence, I know what value is at risk, and can priorise accordingly.
Service Management

Resources are subject to various, often conflicting processes that influence each other. I must constantly assess the impact of resource consumption, and correlate procurement, reservation, change and mutation processes. If this is done, unnecessary extensions can be avoided, and bills are only paid if I really have delivered what I ordered. Thas saves money, which is good for the bottom line!
Capacity Management

Using the “earned value” method, the current project state, and the project risk can be assessed based on the completion of a given task set. Because the impacts are seen, even previously hidden risks are visualised.
Project Management