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great things are built on cooperation

Cooperation as success factor

The Service Monitor is a joint project of several companies. Each provided their specific knowledge. This includes the domain knowledge in service management, the ability to integrate with one central service bus and  a foundation product for the management of complex XML structures. In this cooperation, each of the parties has focused precisely on its core competences.

In our view, this is a model which allows us to solve complex issues efficiently and implement solutions effectively.

BaseX GmbH

In 2005, BaseX started as an offspring of the Database and Information Systems Group at the University of Konstanz and soon turned into a feature rich XML Database engine and XPath/XQuery Processor. BaseX as Open Source project brought us valuable users, who motivated the founding of a startup. Since 2012, the BaseX GmbH has been providing commercial support, customized services and training facilities, and has been fostering the further development of BaseX.

BaseX is responsible for the technological development of the core functionality
A357 GmbH

A357 GmbH advises and assists companies in the telecommunications industry with the design, development and introduction of innovative services and products, as well as infrastructure and production processes.

Our extensive, interdisciplinary practical experience over many years and a selected networkof partners enable us to develop sustainable solutions, both efficiently and comprehensively.

We thus assist our clients in achieving a strong market presence in a highly competitive environment.

A357 GmbH provides domain know how for telecommunications-orientated applications

Pensa Tu!

… thinking in services allows us to retain control over business complexity …

Service management is the sum of all activities, measures and aids to map, monitor and control the business processes of a company. Aids include tools, processes, roles, data and methods.

By offering services, one becomes an integral part of a client’s value chain. Without knowledge of its delivered value share, mutual risks are unknown, and desired benefits can not be provided.

Pensa Tu! ist responsible for Product Management and Domain know-how